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Development & operation of
research centers and labortories

The planning, design, management and maintenance of a research center must be adequate and efficient in space and equipment, and flexible to accommodate the changing technologies and activity processes. A well designed and maintained laboratory must encourage scientific and analytical excellence, and facilitate interaction and integration of resources to improve overall efficiency.

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ITSI provides a wide range of professional services that allow businesses, medical facilities and research centers to efficiently transmit, extract, integrate, analyze and use information.

Our services are based on more than 55 years combined experience, in-depth understanding of information/communication technologies and bioinformatics environments.

We design and build Knowledge Management Systems (KMS), Digital Libraries, Electronic Medical Record Systems (EMR), Learning Management Systems (LMS), Content Managment Systems and Relational Databases for the following industries:

  • Arrow Health care
  • Arrow Biomedical Research
  • Arrow Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Arrow Academic Institutions
  • Arrow Defense and Law Enforcement Agencies

  • We will work with clients to:

  • Arrow Determine their specific needs and develop customized solutions
  • Arrow Design and implement the best software
  • Arrow Acquire & install appropriate hardware
  • Arrow Provide training and ongoing support
  • Arrow Determine personnel and training needs, and hire personnel
  • Arrow Develop an infrastructure that will be secure, scalable, efficient and cost effective