Document Management

Document Management Systems (DMS) store and retrieve documents, provides collaboration, version tracking, and workflow management.


•Mobile device ready
•Automatic key extraction
•Fast and enhanced user experience
•Web 2.0
•Drag and drop
•Version Tracking
•LDAP or DBMS integration
•Webservices API
•OCR - direct scanning
•Preview of multimedia files
•Mass document upload using ZIP
•Download folders as ZIP
•Lock / Unlock documents
•Bookmarks administration
•Select user home folder
•Support for document templates
•Personal documents for each user
•Document event notification
•Send document link by email
•Send document attachment by mail
•Notes on documents and folders
•Extract document metadata
•Unique document identifier
•User document tags

We Build Custom

Document Management Systems

We have experience working with the following:

  • Arrow Academic Institutions
  • Arrow Biomedical Research Institutions
  • Arrow Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Arrow Defense and Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Arrow Finance and Accounting institutions
  • Arrow City and County Offices
  • Arrow Hospitals and Health Care Organizations
  • Arrow Law Offices
  • Arrow Research Institutes

  • We will work with clients to:

  • Arrow Determine their specific needs and develop customized solutions
  • Arrow Design and implement the best software
  • Arrow Acquire & install appropriate hardware
  • Arrow Provide training and ongoing support
  • Arrow Develop an infrastructure that will be secure, scalable, efficient and cost effective